MTC Masa Üstü Kriyostat / Frozen Cihazı

MTC Masa Üstü Kriyostat / Frozen Cihazı


Complete benchtop cryostat

The MTC is a unique complete bench top cryostat for use in histology/pathology and research laboratories. The compact design makes this instrument an ideal backup for installed high-end cryostats and cost efficient alternative for low turnover applications. MTC is designed utilizing the latest ergonomic and technical ideas with special attention to hygiene and ease of handling.

  • High-precision manual rotary microtome
  • 11x Specimen preparation positions
  • Integrated heat extractor
  • Orientation of specimen holder in three planes
  • Viewing window made of frost-free dual insulation glass
  • Space-saving design
  • Easily transportable
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Automatic defrost
  • UV-C disinfection (optional)
  • Height adjustable support stand (optional)

Specifications Cryochamber

Material stainless steel
Dimensions [WxDxH] 360 x 400 x 230 mm
Illumination LED, white
Temperature range 0 °C to -35 °C

Specifications Microtome

Section thickness Setting range 1.0 µm to 25 µm
Section thickness selection 1.0 to 10 µm in 1.0 µm-steps10 to 25 µm in 5.0 µm-steps
Trimming thickness setting range 1.0 to 25 µm
Horizontal specimen feed 25 mm
Vertical stroke 52 mm
Coarse feed manual
Specimen orientation, horizontal
Specimen orientation, vertical
Specimen orientation, z-axis 360°

Specifications Cryostat MTC

Dimensions[WxDxH] 550 x 730 x 470 mm
Weight [w/o accessories] 80 kg
Electrical parameters 230 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10140000)115 V; 50/60 Hz (Art.No.: 10142000)Pmax: 600 W