MPS/P Dispanser Ana Modül

MPS/P Dispanser Ana Modül

  • Dispensing module MPS/P

    The dispensing module MPS/P includes an integrated illumination of the working area, easily adjustable forceos holders and a large paraffin container capacity of 5,5 litres, ensuring a concentrated and ergonomic embedding process.

    Ergonomic hand rests provide optimum ease of movement without burning the hands. A deep paraffin collection tray collects excess paraffin and keeps the working area clean.

    The paraffin dispensing system ensures a homogeneous flow rate of paraffin that can be individually adjusted. Paraffin flow can be activated either manually or via foot pedal. An integrated high efficiency cooling spot provides continuously low temperatures throughout the working process.

    MPS/P is equipped with a state of the art microprocessor that automatically regulates the temperatures of each area and container. Working hours and working days are programmable allowing an uninterrupted routine work flow.


Temperature range up to 80 °C for paraffin containerup to 70 °C for working areadown to -5 °C for cooling spot
Paraffin container 5,5 litres
Cooling spot 50 x 50 mm, Peltier
Forceps holders 2 x 4 magnetic, adjustable
Illumination 3 x LED spots, fixed3x LED spots, adjustable
Magnifier plastic, adjustable
Paraffin flow activation manually or by footswitch

adjustable paraffin flow rate

Control microprocessorprogramming of temperature, working day, working time, time and date
Work area 450 x 240 mmanodized aluminum
Dimensions[W x D x H] 450 x 570 x 295 mm
Weight(w/o accessories) 21 kg
Electrical parameters 230 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10170000)115 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10172000)Pmax: 380 W