MPS/CX Soğuk Plaka Modülü

MPS/C SoğuMPS/CX Soğuk Plaka Modülük Plaka Modülü

Cold plate MPS/CX

The cold plate MPS/CX allows for a fast and efficient cooling of paraffin blocks after embedding and prior to sectioning.

The compressor-cooled cooling area made of anodized aluminum guarantees a homogeneous temperature distribution and is easy to clean.

MPS/CX is equipped with a state of the art microprocessor that automatically regulates the temperatures of the cooled area. Working hours and working days are programmable allowing for an uninterrupted routine work flow.


Temperature range down to -15 °C for cooled area
Cooled area Capacity of up to 120 cassettesanodized aluminum570 x 270 mm
Control microprocessorprogramming of temperature, working day, working time, time and date
Dimensions[W x D x H] 600 x 570 x 295 mm
Weight (w/o accessories) 36 kg
Electrical parameters 230 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10175020)115 V; 50/60 Hz (Art.No.: 10177020)Pmax: 450 W