Metaphase Finder

Metaphase Finder

Metaphase Finder

Automated Metaphase Finding and Analysis With Greater Efficiency

ASI’s automatic Metaphase Finder improves workflow efficiency. It scans the entire slide, locating and capturing the best metaphases and remembering their coordinates, often completing a slide in minutes. The automatic Metaphase Finder is also supported by ASI’s robotic tray loader, allowing 81 slides to be loaded in a single batch, reloaded without disrupting system operation, and providing labs with 24×7 continuous scanning and analysis.

Metaphase Coordinates

The automatic Metaphase Finder does a preliminary scan of the sample at a low 4X magnification. After finding the most promising metaphases, the system returns to the coordinates to perform a capture at a higher objective. Both the 4X scan and the higher objective captures are stored in an image gallery which integrates to the LIS.

During review, it is always possible to return to the exact coordinates under the microscope by clicking on a metaphase in the image gallery.

Peripheral Equipment

The GenASIs Platform integrates with peripheral equipment which further enhance output and quality including:

  • Robotic tray loader: Keep analysis running 24 hours a day with ASI’s robotic tray loader enabling continuous “walk away” scanning and analysis.
  • Automatic barcode reader: As slides are loaded from the robotic tray loader for analysis, a barcode reader scans the slide and works in tandem with GenASIs BandView to associate the slide with the correct patient.
  • Automated oil immersion dispenser: Automatically provides oil when required for higher magnification objectives.