Manual Slide Printer VSP6001

Manual Slide Printer VSP6001

  • Compact slide printer for on-demand slide printing.

    The unit offers flexibility, consistency and reliability for slide printing needs. Simple and easy to use.

    Can be used with computer, bar code scanner and LAN- or USB-access. The customer has the possibility to use the printer as an online job printer or as a stand-alone unit.

    Accepts standard cassettes


    • On-demand printing
    • Special characters available
    • Recall saved screens from memory
    • Stored computer information can be downloaded
    • Upper and lower case letters
    • Different printing mode
    • Capable of printing special characters
    • Stores up to 100 different programmable formats
    • USB-Driver
    • Bar code scanner adaptable (Y-gate)
    • LAN-access or USB Connection make it easy to transfer external data from a computer/laptop to the printer
    • Ribbon, with UV-sensitive substance and RFID-chip