GenASIs BandView

GenASIs Bandview is a software module for karyotyping diagnostics, offering cytogenetic labs with accurate, repeatable and standardized analysis. Trusted by hundreds of labs throughout the world, GenASIs BandView allows users to fully customize the workflow and diagnosis according to their preference. The wide range of tools allows users to perform multiple tasks with a single click for unmatched ease of use and workflow efficiency.

GenASIs Bandview is a powerful solution for G/R/C/Q-Band karyotyping, providing cytogenetic labs a workflow which enhances throughput and clinical accuracy. GenASIs BandView supports both automated and manual workflows for locating metaphases & image capture.

Q-banding with ASI’s GenASIs

ASI’s GenASIs software supports any staining type in brightfield and fluorescent, including R-bands, Q-bands, fluorescent R-bands, DAPI bands, and many more.

Chromosomes are treated with quinicrine mustard solution, a fluorescent stain, to identify specific chromosomes and structural rearrangements. It is especially useful for distinguishing the Y chromosome (also Y bodies in interphase nuclei) and various polymorphisms involving satellites and centromeres of specific chromosomes.

Inverted Q-banding karyotype

Faster Clinical Results with Automation

GenASIs BandView supports automatic scanning with the Metaphase Finder tool by integrating an automatic microscope, motorized stage and optional robotic tray loader.

In addition to automatic scanning, GenASIs BandView performs many functions automatically; saving the lab time and improving results.

  • Automated image enhancement (Auto contrast & exposure)
  • Automatic separation of overlapping chromosomes
  • And more…

GenASIs BandView also includes powerful tools for even the most complicated karyotype. The proprietary “Magic-tool” enables single click chromosome segmentation.

  • Easy merge of chromosomes with convenient “Drag & Drop” feature
  • Cut and paste tool for instances of chromosome translocation
  • On screen comparison of genetic samples for determining inheritance
  • Automatic chromosome alignment
  • Distinct coloring of chromosomes for easy identification and separation
  • Multi-chromosome review and comparison panel
  • Annotation tools

Reporting and Case Data Management

The GenASIs CDM (Case Data Manager) data management tool, includes advanced review tools to make analysis and review easier.

  • Reporting and case sign-out
  • Multi-case image gallery
  • Customized summary reports for cells and cases
  • Full LIS/LIMS integration support
  • Saving the actions performed, allowing users to go back at any time to previous points
  • Remote access software for off-site viewing and sign out

Why Labs Choose BandView

  • Integrates with all microscope brands, manual and most automatic models
  • Multiple reviewers may work simultaneously on single case
  • User experience & improved lab workflow
  • Review stations linked together by our Case Data Manager database
  • Supports multiple species