GenASIs Karyotyping

GenASIs Karyotyping

GenASIs Karyotyping

The GenASIs Karyotyping Solutions improve the workflow and clinical relevance of karyotyping. Labs can automatically scan and capture metaphases and perform remote review and analysis. Entire cases can be reviewed by comparing all chromosomes within their cells or in reference to other samples.

  • GenASIs MetScan – automatic metaphase finder of various sample types
  • GenASIs Bandview – advanced karyotyping application

GenASIs includes powerful tools which bring even the most complicated karyotype a few clicks away from signing out:

  • “Magic-tool” enables single click chromosome segmentation
  • Easy merge of chromosomes with convenient “Drag & Drop” feature
  • Cut and paste tool for instances of chromosome translocation
  • On screen comparison of genetic samples for determining inheritance
  • Automatic chromosome alignment
  • Distinct coloring of chromosomes for easy identification and separation
  • Multi-chromosome review and comparison panel
  • Annotation tools

Reporting and Case Data Management

Integrated with ASI’s CDM (Case Data Manager) data management tool, GenASIs enables comprehensive “paperless” workflows. CDM includes advanced review tools such as:

  • Reporting and case sign-out
  • Multi-case image gallery
  • Customized summary reports for cells and cases
  • Full LIS/LIMS integration support
  • Saving actions performed, allowing users to go back at any time to previous points
  • Remote access software for off-site viewing and sign out

Faster Clinical Results with Automation

GenASIs BandView supports automatic scanning by integrating an automatic microscope and robotic tray loader with our Metaphase Finder tool.
In addition to automatic scanning, GenASIs BandView performs many functions automatically; saving the lab time and improving results.

  • Automated image enhancement (Auto contrast & exposure)
  • Automatic separation of overlapping chromosomes
  • Automated workflow scans for, & captures metaphases
  • And many more…

Why Labs Choose BandView

  • Integrates with leading microscope brands, manual or automatic models
  • Multiple reviewers may work simultaneously on single case
  • User experience & improved lab workflow
  • Review stations tied together by Case Data Manager data base
  • Supports multiple species