GenASIs HiSKY™ – Hyperspectral Karyotyping

GenASIs HiSKY™ – Hyperspectral Karyotyping

GenASIs HiSKY™  – Hyperspectral Karyotyping

GenASIs HiSKY performs Hyperspectral Karyotyping analysis, leveraging the benefits of multiplexed spectral imaging to obtain a karyotype which uniquely colors each chromosome and provides a level of detailed analysis not available with any other karyotyping technique.

Hyperspectral Karyotyping is a unique technology developed exclusively by ASI. Used by cytogenetic labs and research institutions around the world, it simplifies even the most difficult karyotypes cases by color separating each chromosome using specialized probe kits developed by ASI.

Reveal More in Less Time

The GenASIs Hyperspectral Platform is a proprietary optical device which collects interferometer based HyperSpectral data. The output of the combined optics is a high-resolution image which reveals the spectrum of every pixel. With this data, cytogeneticists and  researchers benefit from a new level of information enabling them to learn more about the chromosomes in question, and provide a more accurate and significant analysis. The optical device has a direct view mode for normal spectrum analysis.

GenASIs HiSKY also benefits labs by the time it saves in karyotyping analysis. With this unique technology, even the most difficult karyotypes can be signed out in just minutes, as there is essentially no further editing necessary due to the high level of details the system reveals.

Leading solution for karyotyping

GenASIs HiSKY has an intuitive workflow with optimization tools such as a review utility, advanced chromosome comparison and customized reports.

GenASIs HiSKY supports human, rat and mouse karyotyping with spectral paint kits. When using other kits, GenASIs HiSKY supports all species karyotyping in addition to other spectral applications.

  • High resolution, full spectrum  images
  • Accurate, reliable, standardized and quick results
  • Automated analysis
  • User friendly
  • Comprehensive data management  with LIS integration
  • Supports multiple species